Using traditional and non-traditional textile techniques, Mia examines the space between bodies and where bodies meet. Mia currently lives and works in Chicago after moving from Brooklyn for her MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2020). Mia received her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 and has exhibited internationally including in New York, London, Berlin, Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Miami, and Washington DC.

Mia is represented by Tappan Collective. 



Through poetics of the body, I investigate where bodies meet, cross, tangle, and where they pull away. As I navigate myself in relation to the world around me, I see the body in its flawed, innately intimate and personal nature as a metaphor for our shortcomings, limits, boundaries, and a need for connection. Using the familiarity and tactility of cloth, I bring focused attention to our relationships and how our identities are constructed. Evoking conversation around our patterns and choices of co-inhabitation, I stitch, knot, and weave intimate declarations that explore both togetherness and attachment as well as identity and gender. 


Mia's recent series of large scale tapestries look critically at power hierarchies within gender dynamics and the depiction of the body throughout history. Mediating photography through textile, the works function as both image and object and explore the psychology of human relationships, proxemics, and the contemporary cloth. Engaging in histories of portraiture, Mia uses her own body in each weaving, along with the models she choreographs. In moments of erasure, subjectivities are removed, but the bodies assert their power by gazing back.




© Mia Weiner 2020 / @miaweiner