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The Jacquard Project

Help Mia bring a TC2 Digital Jacquard to LA!

Mia is starting a Jacquard residency program and shared workspace to make this digitally assisted loom accessible to artists around the globe. This loom, in part, is so special because it allows individual control of each and every warp thread for every single row while hand weaving (the warp is the threads that are wound onto the loom before you begin to weave). 

Right now, these looms are primarily only at institutions because of their prohibitive cost. The loom being built for The Jacquard Project costs around $60k before freight and other set-up costs (for the weavers out there, it is a 3-wide loom with 12 modules = 43" weaving width, 2640 ends). 

There are no TC2's in LA that are available for artists and weavers to rent time on. Artists, like Mia, are trained on these looms in school and lose access after graduation, forcing them to have to abandon a critical part of their practice, along with the many artists that would like to learn how to use one of these looms without having to attend a graduate program.

The Jacquard Project will function as a live/workspace for residents a portion of the year who can travel to our space to work on our loom. The rest of the year, The Jacquard Project will allow access to the weaving/creative community in LA and have classes and workshops for those who would like to learn how to use this incredible resource, along with other art and educational programming!
The Jacquard Project believes deeply in cooperative workspaces, the creative exchange, and expanding access to the TC2. This loom is an amazing resource to the creative and textile communities! Help make this exciting project a reality!

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